Arash Shahteimoury- a sympathetic Iranian. Arash began his international journey 1973 in Italy were he aimed to continue his higher education. After two fruitful years in Italy he moved to Sweden and during his time apart from Iran he went through a voyage of self-discovery. 

Arash’s passion for helping his people in Iran grew stronger. In the beginning of the eighties the first generation Iranians arrived to Sweden and this is also when Arash started his work within the field of communication as an interpreter for both the Swedish police and the Swedish migration board. Furthermore, Arash continued to work for the migration boards as an auditor and was soon after promoted to be an audit manager for the Southern district. In the year 1993 Arash started to work as a radio host at a local radio show called “Shabane” and short after this he and a group of equally interested colleagues started their own local radio show with an emphasis on politics and culture. As the years passed his work became more independent with politics and culture as two important, significant and appreciated subjects and out of this grew his humble dedication for Radiohamseda, his very own broadcasting in Stockholm. Up until this very day you can hear and watch Arash giving us a fair picture of the political circumstances in Iran in its true sense.